Samantha writes :

Alright,  I think I am getting addicted to this place.   I just want to stop  by and see what treasures they have for me... LoL I figure that if I keep it up,  by the end of the month,  I should have my apartment  completely furnished.  It helps that they are just around the corner too..


I love consignment stores and I really loved Quality Resale Store!  It's on Oceanside Boulevard in the Greenbriar Plaza behind Weinerschnitzel.  The staff id very polite and are willing to help in any way.  Every time that I've gone, I've found something or another, that I wanted and at a price that I couldn't say NO, but then again, I do like to shop...LOL    What's also great about this place is that the longer the items stay in the store, the less it costs.  If you're in Oceanside, I would check it out  - They have great deals!!!



Quality Resale Store Testimonials

In Oceanside, California

I love this store! We have been going here since it first opened and it is the best store I have found in SoCal. The people are super nice, and they always have cool items. I have bought clothes, blankets, records, record players, furniture, and more here. All at a reasonable price. Not once have they tried to sell us something broken or damaged in a way that's not obvious. They have even helped load it into our car and provided tools to take it apart and things to protect it during transit. Highly recommended to anyone! Just leave me some stuff lol.

Gene writes :

Krista writes :

I was really impressed with how clean and tidy that Quality Resale Store was.  The place has everything, it looked more like a superstore.   I am amazed at the incredible finds.... really great items.  No matter what you need from uniforms, sporting goods, furniture or collectables, they have it.  I recommend checking this place out!  I can't wait to go back next time that I am visiting my family...


Cathy writes :